The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic (2000)

Insanely infectious harmonies soaring over raucous jangly guitars, Beach Boys melodies swirling above Beatles-influenced pop band arrangements, sharp and catchy angular Cheap Trick riffs and indie power pop garage thump.  God damn, this album is joyous!

When I first saw Canadian “pop supergroup” The New Pornographers live back in 2008 I’d only heard their most recent album, Challengers.  Yet, still, all through a gig that spanned material new and old there was a surfeit of hooks, of melodies that grabbed you into singing along to a chorus you hadn’t heard before that moment.

Simply great pop music, played with skills, smarts and a whole lot of talent. And it’s all here, on their Mass Romantic, their debut album.

Sure, it isn’t perfect.  Maybe too many ideas, maybe not enough bass and depth to the production, maybe a bit thin.  But that’s all easy to shove to one side when song after song drenches you in such addictive hooks, strung and sung over the top of a huge, bright, fun slab of jangling indie pop.

A bit of 60s organ, a bit of sax, and a lot of harmonies lay the whole thing out nicely, while the lyrics are as ridiculous and melodramatic as they need to be to build the songs to climactic choruses.  Burt Bacharach by way of The Pixies.

The entire band sings, each bringing their own unique tone (culminating with them all singing “so give us the keys now, we’ll burn this hall of justice down!” at the end of the album. There’s Neko Case with her brassy soaring siren call, Carl Newman with his slightly off-sweet voice and Dan Bejar‘s knowingly smirking tones all expressing something different, but all clearly sounding like they all mean what they sing – and enjoy singing it.

Power pop at its best, and giving big strong hints towards the more layered and baroque pop this band would head towards over later albums.  While showing how rooted they were in the guitar-bass-drums-keyboard-vocals root of all the best pop music.

Listen, and smile.

Beer match:  I really want a beer… today’s the last day of my belated, broken Feb Fast.  What do I want?  A Rex Attitude?   But, that’s by-the-by.  What would I be drinking, if I was to be drinking a beer while listening to this album as I write this post.   Ahh, shit, yeah, it’d be the Rex…  But, if you’re not me, I’d want to match this beer with something bright and joyful.  Sounds like a ParrotDog BitterBitch to me!

…now I really want a BitterBitch.


2 thoughts on “The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic (2000)

  1. I really should listen to this album because of your recommendation (and also because my cousin, Fisher Rose, played drums on some of the tracks. He also played on a couple of Destroyer albums, Dan Bejar’s other band. Destroyer’s Rubies would be one of my favourite albums (but don’t tell Fisher that: he didn’t play on that one)).

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