Baylands Brewery ‘Miss Demeanour’

Beer love.  It’s like bus love, but with a beer.

What, you haven’t heard of bus love, either?  Well, it’s when you’re sitting on the bus and someone gets on who you instantly fall head-over-heels in love with.  Something about their hair, their clothes, their posture, the way they swipe their Snapper card.  Something.  And you sit there for the rest of the trip in a reverie of romance, a life spent together, children and forever after.

Or maybe just really hot sex.

Anyway, beer love’s a lot like that.  When you’re sitting there, having a drink or two, and a new beer appears in your glass that you’ve never tried before.  And from the first mouthful you know this is the one. The one you’ll drink again and again, love forever.

At least until the next beer that sweeps you off your feet.

Mind you, unlike bus love, beer love is more likely to be reciprocated.  Beer is a very giving drink in that regard.  And unlike bus love, it’s likely you’ll be able to continue the fling with that beer again and again and the more I think about it beer love isn’t all that similar to bus love when you get right down to it.

Um, where was I?

Oh, yeah, last Wednesday I was breaking my sort-of-Feb Fast with a few beers at Bin 44Rex Attitude was first up, of course, and it barely touched the sides.  But soon after was my first taste of Baylands BreweryMiss Demeanour.’ And it was beer love, just like that.

Not long ago I waxed a bit lyrical about ‘Golden Perch’ from Yeastie Boys.  Now, I love that ale so much I could almost say that the “hoppy golden ale” style might well be my favourite.  If I’d ever tasted more than just that one.

Well, now I’ve got a sample size of two, and I’ll take the 100% success rate as confirmation that, yes, hoppy golden ales are a favourite style of mine.  Especially on a sunny summer or autumn’s afternoon.

This golden ale is chock full of hops.  Perhaps too full, if you’re a golden ale purist.  Me, I love the explosion of citrus and resin that wafts off the top, and the big, sharp fruity grapefruit flavours that roll around in the mouth.  And a big, long, sweet and resinous aftertaste, lip smacking and leaving the mouth just dry enough that you want another sip.

And, at 4.2% abv, this is one that you can keep on sipping for a few pints as the sun sets without getting too squiffy. 

Delicious.  So much so I had to pop back into the bar the next day just to make sure I wasn’t imagining how delicious this unassuming golden ale from the little garage-based family brewery from Newlands.  Nope, even better the second time around (with no Rex to ruin the palate beforehand).

There’s some great stuff coming out of that Newlands garage, and for my taste buds, this is the best yet.  Cheers, Aidan and Nikki Styles!

Big call time: I think it might even be better than the Golden Perch.  I’d really like to try Miss Demeanour from the bottle to be sure, so for now I’ll tie them neck-to-neck when it comes to smooth, easy drinking, moderately boozy full flavoured hoppy golden ales. 

How’s that for a style classification?


3 thoughts on “Baylands Brewery ‘Miss Demeanour’

  1. so it’ll be no surprise to learn it’s a favourite style of mine too. and on the plus side a number of the resurgent indie brewers, especially in london, are going for the hoppy golden ales (kernel brewery did a range with the same base ale, but using different hops, then had a fifth ale using all four hop varieties – it’s that kind of passion that works for me).
    so how does this beer compare to the renaissance voyager for example?

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