Tuatara – Delicious Neck

Delicious neckI had reason to be in Hamilton a fortnight ago. It was quite an educational visit, and many things were learned. I learned that Hamilton zoo has a wonderful bird enclosure (well worth visiting). I also learned it’s nearly impossible to buy a 1.5l of tonic water in the centre of the city on a Saturday night.

I also discovered that people in The ‘Tron dress up for the movies on a Saturday night. Maybe that was due to the cinema we went to – The Lido – was doing its bit to be a bit posh (bloody nice ice cream, there, by the way). Whatever the reason, I did feel a bit under-dressed turning up in jeans and a hoodie (and, as it was warm inside, the hoodie was soon removed to reveal a ParrotDog t-shirt).

We were at the cinema to see What We Do In The Shadows, the horror-comedy-mockumentary from Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. It’s a good film, funny, hilarious at times. I also learned I was probably the only Wellingtonian in the cinema, as I was the sole person pissing themselves with laughter when it was revealed that the only bar the vampires had a standing invite into was The Big Kumera.

Yeah, that was definitely a “had to be there” joke. But anyone who spent any amount of time in the seedy, shoddy Big Kumera, with its stench of Red Bull and vodka and desperation, carpets sticky with something unmentionable, you’d know that a handful of vampires working the room would definitely not be out of place.

In association with the movie, Tuatara put out a very-limited edition beer, the ‘Delicious Neck’ “Immortal Pale Ale”. And a bloody nice beer it is too. Quite soft and lemony, with a delicious, cleansing, fresh bitter aftertaste. While Tuatara often take their inspiration from the west coast of the USA for their hoppy beers, this was a bit more restrained. Almost more in the style of an English pale ale.

Very easy to drink, and thankfully with a moderate alcohol of 5.2% and moderate amounts of hops, it’s one you can drink a few off without getting off your face or losing the ability to taste for the next two days. I’d like to see more of it, I can see it as a good beer to spend an evening with at a pub, but it’s a very limited release and there may not be much of it left around.

But if you do see a bottle of the Delicious Neck in a supermarket, bottle store or a bar near you, grab it. It’s a good beer, and the label art and spiel well worth the price of admission too. Just like the movie it’s linked with. Two good New Zealand endeavours that deserve success.


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