buzz and hum

A blog about beer and music.

I’m no expert.  I profess to no profound knowledge or insight.  I just love good beer and good music.

“Good” is the operative word, of course.  It’s all subjective.  It’s all personal.

So here I’ll be writing about my experiences and my memories as it comes to beer and music. It will all be entirely subjective.  Feel free to disagree. Or agree.

The blog will alternate between the topics, but cross-fertilisation will undoubtedly occur, because beer and music go well together.

All views here are my own, of course.

The words and images here are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 NZ License.  That means you’re free to use and re-use my work for any non-commercial purpose, provide you attribute it to me by using either my name or the blog’s name, and a link back here.

Where content (in particular images) are not my own I’ll also be making that clear, and linking to the source.

To me, “non-commercial” doesn’t stretch as far to blogs with advertising, provided you attribute correctly.  If you want to use words or images for your business or commercial operation, just ask.


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