Golden Pints 2013 – the bar

Wellington. “Craft beer capital of New Zealand.”[1]  We drink a lot of it here.  And we have an ever increasing number of bars who stock tasty beers, as well as bars who specialise in them.  It’s a great place to have a beer.  Such as…

Bin 44 – buzz and hum’s favourite bar of 2013

A quiet pint at Bin 44 as the sun goes down over Wellington

A quiet pint at Bin 44 as the sun goes down over Wellington

Sometimes it’s all about having a local.

For years I hadn’t had one.  I live in a suburb whose hub consists of a superette, a Chinese takeaway, and a public toilet.[2]  I work down by Wellington’s railway station, a part of town not known for its vibrant craft beer scene.   But Bin 44 opened on Queen’s Wharf in 2012, and I soon discovered that was the perfect place to stop if looking for a pint of something good after work.

Location wise, it works very well. Sitting near the water, it’s slightly off to the side of the main routes through town, but this is a plus. A brief diversion for a drink before catching the bus for home, or for a few tasty beverages to start the night off before walking along the waterfront towards the bars in the Taranaki Street / Courtney Place / Dixon Street area.

If it’s a cold evening, stay inside – there’s booths, leaners, sofas and, one one side, restaurant seating. But when the sun is shining or the night is warm you’ll want to be outside. All the doors open, and tables sprawl out into the sunshine for almost a quarter of the plaza between the bar and the TSB events centre.

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