ParrotDog DeadCanary

Tonight, I ate turducken.[1]

DeadCanary and Turducken

DeadCanary. Also pictured, dead chicken, dead duck and dead turkey.

A stuffed deboned chicken, stuffed inside a deboned duck, stuffed inside a (mostly) deboned turkey.  While this may be an special-if-unexceptional foodstuff for gluttonous Americans, down here in Thanksgiving-deprived New Zealand it’s truly a thing of rare and unusual wonder.  Its concept, its extravagantly unhealthy existence, makes us raise our eyebrows and say “wow” with a mixture of awe and disgust.

The turducken was delicious.  It was the best tasting turkey I’ve ever had, with all the duck fat keeping the turkey meat moist and soft, while the stuffing-infused chicken and duck meat was melt-in-the-mouth fatty goodness.

I decided during my lunch break to take a rigger of a local craft beer to the turducken-fest, so I popped down the road to Centre City Wines & Spirits. This bottle store at the northern end of Wellington CBD that has quietly put on a number of taps over the last few years, featuring good local beers.

Thinking to share, but unsure of my fellow guests comfort with flavoursome ales, my first instinct was to grab a bottle of the charming and accessible Emerson’s Pilsner, but at the fridge my hand suddenly veered and grabbed a 1.25ml of ParrotDog DeadCanary instead.

It wasn’t until I was back in the office did I make the connection.  Turducken. Dead Canary.  Turkey, duck, chicken, canary.  Well played, subconscious, well played indeed.

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