Epic Pale Ale

Of course, this is a follow on to my previous post about Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited

Like that album, Epic Pale Ale isn’t a beer I’ve drunken all that much of recently, but it was like coming home to an old friend.  And, like Dylan’s landmark album marked a massive shift from folk to rock as the 60s counter-culture exploded into public consciousness, so too can this hoppy little ale be considered an important marker in the shift attitudes of New Zealand drinkers towards flavoursome beer.

It’s been brewed for eight years now (or more, I’m not sure), marking it as one of the more venerable New Zealand craft beers in this young, burgeoning market.  And its distinctive green-on-white labelled bottles, with its clean sharp lines and bold text can now be found in bars, supermarkets and superettes up and down the country.

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