Yeastie Boys Golden Perch

Photo wasn’t taken today. You can tell by the clouds.

What a gorgeous day.  After a very mediocre January, summer’s finally hit Wellington.  No wind, clear blue skies, warm and joyful, perfect weather for the fun of the Island Bay Festival, going to the beach, sneaking good beer into The Basin to watch the test, or just relaxing on the deck with a book, a beer and some music.[1]

Some beers seem custom made for such beautiful weather.  Beers like Yeastie Boy’s gorgeous golden ale, Golden Perch.

I mean, just look at it, in the picture to the right. Gorgeous. Shining like gold.  All that glitters is not gold – some of it is beer, too.

Yes, that was a Tolkien reference, because this ale was brewed for the premier of The Hobbit, and is named after a tavern in The Shire, that serves “the best beer in Eastfarthing.”  A quality Frodo noted in The Fellowship of the Ring by choosing to avoid it on their journey east, so as to avoid the inevitable delay.

And I’m sure Pippin and Merry would’ve quite happily spent a day or more at The Golden Perch, if a beer as lovely as this sessionable little beauty was being poured.

Because despite clocking in with a very moderate 4.4% abv, this beer tastes huge.  The Nelson Sauvin hops explode out of the glass with aroma, bright fresh passion fruit and grapefruit.  In the mouth its sweet and malty, and very very smooth.

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