Dead Man Walking (soundtrack) (1996)

Well, not a “soundtrack,” as the “music from and inspired by the motion picture” of Tim Robbins’ excellent 1995 film, Dead Man Walking.

Ah, the dreaded “music from and inspired by the motion picture” album.  The lasting legacy of Jerry Bruckheimer’s popbuster era, where each tent-pole film had to have a hit single, and the hit single also led a compilation album of songs that might have been heard in the film. Or might be similar in theme or feel to the film.

Or, most likely, songs that the record company paid the film’s producers to put on the album for a bit of cross-promotion.

Thankfully, the popbuster has mostly gone the way of the big-name-star led action films they accompanied,[1] and buying a soundtrack album these days actually means you’re getting, you know, the musical soundtrack to the film.  But, for a while there, every film had to have the accompanying album of odds and sods.

And, of the thousands of horrible albums released to tie in with a film, thousands of horrible albums with music from and inspired by, there’s quite a large number of very worthy albums.

Including this album for Dead Man Walking.

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